I started photographing weddings when I was 16 years old

& since then, have been photographing every kind of celebration. I hear the same thing again and again from couples; "you captured us, as us."

My job is the best job in the world because I get to make photographs that simply bring people joy. I adapt quickly, I bring a positive and relaxed energy, and most importantly; I make images that let you shine through.

 I really believe your day should be joyful, and you should get to be fully present for that joy. So I capture the magic of the day instead of forcing anything. I've worked as a photojournalist for the New York Times and The Washington Post. Working in documentary photography helps me capture the quiet, in-between moments. 

I'm passionate about what I do, and I want to work with passionate couples who trust me with photographing their day.

Email marymathisphotography@gmail.com if you'd like to chat directly!

Fun Stuff to Know...

- My partner, Cody, and I are getting married in September 2024! This is one of our engagement pictures I took myself. 

- As you'll see in many of my photographs, I'm drawn to hands. They tell so much of a story and express so much emotion! I love it. 

- I come from a group of people who are excited about life and love fanfare. I definitely inherited a lot of that. (I'm a triple fire sign)

- I'm a big foodie. My favorite Thursday night activity is going out for a spontaneous dinner. Ask me about my local guide status on google maps...

- I love fantasy books. I read a ton and fantasy and magical realism are my favorite. If you get me talking about this...I really will not stop. AND I'M NOT SORRY!

- I still work in journalism quite a bit, and regularly work for WSJ! Variation in my work helps me not burn out, and make images that feel fresh and original.