I'm Mar,

I'm a photo editor for Outside Magazine in Santa, Fe, New Mexico. I'm also a freelance photographer and videographer.

In the past couple years I've freelanced out of NYC, Iowa and Minnesota. I've also worked in Washington, DC as a photo editor for NPR. I've photographed everything from dogs who ride in side cars in Wisconsin to Nomads living in the Sahara desert.

I love driving around, singing loudly, and running. I'm always fascinated and the easiest laugh in the room.


& maybe you need some evidence of credibility. I've worked with:

The New York Times, The Washington Post, NPR, Cosmopolitan Magazine, USA Today, MPR: The Current, Outside Magazine, Rolling Stone, BBC: Public Radio International, The Des Moines Register, The Cedar Rapids Gazette, The Daily Iowan, Fools Magazine, Little Village Magazine, Amperage, Med Q, Zillow, Hardees, Country Inn and Suites.

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