An American flag is displayed in the back of Cronk’s Cafe, a local diner, in Denison, IA, on Dec. 19, 2018. Mary Mathis for The New York Times

Angela Guttered Morejon, 93, and Silvia Valdes Valdes, 73, sing in the main room of the Methodista de Marianna in Havana, Cuba on December 24th, 2016. "There's a lot of friendship here, and I am 91-years-old," Morejon said. She was corrected by Valdes, because she is now 93-years-old.

Jack Boyer, 65, of Reinbeck, IA, has been growing cover crops for seven years on his farms spanning Tama and Grundy counties. A retiree of John Deer, he researched and experimented different crops on his own land only to find that cover crops were beneficial to his soil in regards to organic matter and the crops roots. Here, Jack refills his air seeder before spreading more cover crops. Shot for the Cedar Rapids Gazette.

FantAsia Woods, Philip Rumia's drag mother applies lipstick to Rumia's lips during preparatio for a drag show inside the local LGBTQ bar, Studio 13, in Iowa City, Iowa. Shot for Fools Magazine.

Theresa Meeks-Mosley protests at the commencement of the Women’s March in the Ped Mall of Iowa City, IA on January 20, 2018. For the Cedar Rapids Gazette

Mazahir Salih, at-large candidate for Iowa City Council, hugs her husband, Asaad Makawi, while he updates the results next to their son, Mohammed (right), and friend Osman Mahdi at The Mill on November 7, 2017. For the Cedar Rapids Gazette

Laghroumi Mohammad, 52, lived in Khasba, three months a year was nomadic, stopped because of climate change and school, poet POEM in caption

Laghroumi Mohammed gestures towards the camera as he shows the Khasbah where he used to live in M'hamid El Ghizlane, Morocco. Shot for USA TODAY.

Two young boys huddle together after making the journey across the Aegean Sea to the northern shore of Lesvos, Greece, on March 15, 2016. Shot for The Daily Iowan.

Blue, 11, is originally from New Mexico. Here, she stands with the President of the American Military Partner Association, Ashley Broadway-Mack at a press conference at the U.S. Capitol over President Trump's tweets on banning transgenders from the military this Wednesday. Assigned male at birth, Blue transitioned last year on August 18th. Her family is stationed in Germany because her father serves in the U.S military, and Blue is unable through military health care to receive treatment. On September 6th of last year, the military authorized medical care for transgender children, but she has been denied at every clinic they've gone to in Germany. To get Blue to the United States, they crowd funded her ticket here, and now they're taking a stand in Washington, D.C. Shot for USA TODAY.

An unidentified child in the 15,000 person refugee camp near Eidomeni, Greece, points to the sky while a man lays next to him on March 17, 2016. Shot for The Daily Iowan.

Lilias Tebbaï, 12, is a rising talent on the Moroccan surf circuit. The Casablanca-native finished second at the Agadir Open this March, placing between Fatima Zahra Berrada and Meryem El Gardoum, who took first. “When we’re in the water, we’re like a team," said Tebbaï, referring to the camaraderie amongst the veteran competitors. shot for Public Radio International.

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