Vivian Le, photographer and writer on this piece shot the cover story for the fourth Issue of Fools Magazine. I worked alongside Kenyon Ellsworth as the visual designer for this story. This appeared in print and digital formats.

Beth Nakamura photographed this story about parents raising independent children, and I worked as her visual editor.

Beth Nakamura for NPR

Philip Runia wrote this piece about becoming a drag queen as a black man in Iowa for the fourth issue of Fools Magazine. I was the photographer and photo editor, with Kenyon Ellsworth and Joe Flesner as the design editors.

Gabriella Bhaskar photographed and I photo edited this story about racism in the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. 

Gabriella Bhaskar for NPR

Alex Bare shot this piece on film, and wrote it after visiting Columbia in the winter of 2017 for the fourth issue of Fools Magazine. I worked as the film processor, and photo editor for this piece.

Working with Michaeleen Doucleff as the writer and Erin Brethauer as photographer and videographer, I created GIF's from video files for the audience to visualize how to properly sit in a chair to avoid health issues.

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