Hi, I'm Mary.

Iowa born, world bound.

This is me.

I started photographing when I was 12, created a commercial business by 16, and now, at 22 I've worked for the New York Times, Outside Magazine, USA TODAY and Public Radio International.

How did a girl living in the middle of Iowa end up here? No connections?! No photojournalism program?! (you're not asking those questions but I'm trying to make myself sound cool)

It's not a problem when you have passion like me. 

While I was going to school at the University of Iowa, which I graduated from this May, I created something called Fools Magazine, an arts and culture print and digital mag that publishes local art.

I grabbed 20 of my most talented friends, and went to work.

Fools became the fastest growing 

student organization on Iowa's campus with over 100 people, and fundraising $20,000 to print our magazine without advertisements. 

I was Editor in Chief and Photo Editor in my two years, and my passion for mentorship and photo editing grew there. 

My team and I have worked through ethical issues, non-profit marketing, and longevity in the print magazine industry.

I studied Arabic at school to make me a more well-rounded citizen, and became enthralled with middle eastern culture when I studied in Morocco for a semester. I published stories with David Fuchs in Outside Magazine and Public Radio International and an essay over climate change in rural Morocco with Perry Demarche in my semester abroad.

but journalism isnt my only passion

actually, I have a lot of ethical and moral qualms to work through with photojournalism that I talk about in a speech I gave to the Iowa journalism school, here.

I love using 6x7 medium format cameras, and have been working on a body of work exploring how the projection of the male gaze affects female desire. Here are two images from a body of work that was exhibited in the Visual Arts Building of Iowa City in April.

I just love creating

and I'll keep doing just that.

I've gotten to photograph everything from politics to boudoir, and people to camels. I've often been the only female photographer in the room at hearings in Washington D.C. or while filming at 6 month documentary in the Oakdale Men's Prison in Iowa. I am constantly adapting, learning, and evolving.

I feel so privileged that people trust me to come into their lives and take photos of them that will last lifetimes from now. I want to make an impact on peoples lives, either through my character or through my photographs...but both would be ideal.



if you wanna chat, I'm right here!

I love to talk about everything. can you tell?

also chattable via Instagram.

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