hi, im mar

I started photographing when I was 12, created a commercial photography business by 16, and now, at 22 I've worked for publications around the world.

 I've been lucky enough to live in Iowa, Morocco, Greece, New York, Washington, D.C. and now I work as a photographer & videographer in Minnesota.

I found love in making a magazine

at the University of Iowa, which I graduated from in May. A group of 5 talented students and I started Fools, an arts and culture print and digital mag that publishes local art, journalism, and literature.

Fools became the fastest growing 

student organization on Iowa's campus with over 100 people, and fundraising $20,000 to print our magazine without advertisements. 

I was Editor in Chief and Photo Editor in my two years, and my passion for mentorship and photo editing grew there. 

My team and I have worked through ethical issues, non-profit marketing, and longevity in the print magazine industry.

but why just work with stills?

I fell in love with video shortly after I started photographing. After working for USA TODAY's video production team, I spent 6 months during the school year on a documentary over recidivism in a men's prison in Iowa. Along with news and features, I wanted to incorporate my love for music in filming. Below is a 20 minute live video for a local Iowa band. 

I always want a challenge

I studied Arabic at school to become a better journalist and became enthralled with middle eastern culture when I freelanced in Morocco for a semester. I published stories with Outside Magazine and Public Radio International and an essay over climate change in my semester abroad.

Fine art and film photography

always holds a soft spot in my heart. I love using 6x7 and 6x6 medium format cameras, and have been working on a body that explores how the projection of the male gaze affects female desire.

I document what I care about most,

so I focus on my relationships and the people that leave the largest impact on me.


I just love creating

I'm not a creator who chooses one path. I've gotten to document everything from politics to boudoir, people to camels. I am constantly adapting, learning, and evolving.

I know that media lives on, and I want my legacy to be one I stand behind. I want to impact peoples lives, either through my character or through my work...but both would be ideal.

if you'd like to chat, collaborate, or hire me for assignment, I'd love to hear from you.

email, or find me on instagram

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