all images will be signed, and printed on glossy, archival quality paper, printed locally in Santa Fe, NM and shipped by me in roller tubes.

TO PURCHASE: send the number or name of the photograph, what size you'd like, and your full name and address alongside a venmo (@marycatmathis) or paypal ( you can also email me at with any questions, or other forms of payment.

SHIPPING: I'm going to be shipping orders by December 4th. Shipping is very tricky currently, and I'm going through FedEx. If you'd like something *guaranteed* by Christmas, please add $7 to the cost of your print and add (Plus Shipping) in the description of the venmo or paypal. Thank you!

1. Skin on Rock

10x14 $70

2. Highest Peak

5x7  $40, 10x14 $70

6. Iceland Sunset

12 x 14 $75

3. Fall Trees

10x14 $70, 20x28 $125

4. Iceland Rainbow 

8x12 $70, 16x24 $135

5. New Mexico Moon

6x7 $45, 12x14 $75

6. Iowa Summer

8x10 $65, 16x20 $130

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