Photo Editing

As a health, food and science photo editor at NPR, I assigned photographers and illustrators in making captivating content for sections that aren't always the most visually stimulating online.

The challenge forced me to think outside of the box when it came to a visual on the page. This story included gifs of chair seating and positioning that would be best for your back. The gifs allowed us to emphasize the correct movements more than photos could, and allowed the viewer to stay on the article page.

photographer: Erin Brethauer

This story I worked on at NPR's Health Desk allowed the audience to better visualize what the story was proposing to them in a documentary setting.

Photographer: Beth Nakamura

At Fools Magazine, I was not only the photo editor, but the founder of the print and digital mag. In this issue, we wanted to work on an inclusionary fashion piece, one that emphasized what we saw in Iowa fashion. Working with a team that looks to you as a leader requires you to step up to the plate and wear many hats at once. This particular spread is from our cover story in Volume 4. of Fools Mag.

Photographer: Vivian Le

As a freelance photographer, being your own photo editor is a constant challenge. Finding the right images to appease a brand, your style, and the narrative of the story is a balancing act.

In this story for USA TODAY, I photographed in the Sahara Desert and M'hammid El Ghizlane, a rural town in Morocco, near the Algerian border. Working under complicated conditions is something I'm used to, and as a photo editor it's important to keep the freelancer safe, supported, and trusted.

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